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Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment

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Some suggestions on personal prevention and treatment of COVID-19 sourced from the China National Immigration Administration,hope to help you.
I. Reduce outdoor activities as much as possible
1. Avoid visiting areas where the disease is prevalent.
2. It is recommended to make fewer visits to relatives and friends and dining together during the epidemic prevention and control and stay at home as much as possible.
3. Try to avoid visits to crowded public areas, especially places of poor ventilation, such as public bathrooms, hot springs, cinemas, internet bars, Karaokes, shopping malls, bus/train stations, airports, ferry terminals and exhibition centers, etc.

II. Personal Protection and Hand Hygiene
1. It is recommended that a mask shall be worn when going out. A surgical or N95 mask shall be worn when visiting public areas, hospitals or taking public transportation.
2. Keep your hands sanitized. Try to avoid touching public objects and parts in public areas. After returning from public areas, covering your cough, using the restroom, and before meals, please wash your hands with soap or liquid soap under running water, or use alcoholic hand sanitizer. Avoid touching your mouth, nose or eyes when you are unsure whether your hands are clean or not. Cover your mouth and nose with your elbow when sneeze or cough.

III. Health Monitoring and Seeking Medical Attention
1. Monitor the health conditions of your family members and yourself. Measure your temperatures when you feel like having a fever. If you have kid(s) at home, touch the kid’s forehead in the morning and at night. Measure the kid’s temperature in case of fever.
2. Wear a mask and seek medical attention at nearby hospitals in case of suspicious symptoms. Go to a medical institution in a timely manner in case of the suspicious symptoms relating to pneumonia caused by novel coronavirus are found. Such symptoms include fever, cough, pharyngula, chest distress, dyspnea, mildly poor appetite, feebleness, mild lethargy, nausea, diarrhea, headache, palpitation, conjunctivitis, mildly sore limb or back muscles, etc. Try to avoid taking the metro, bus, and other public transportation and visiting crowded areas. Tell the doctor your travel and residence history in epidemic areas, and who you met after you got the disease. Cooperate with your doctor on the relevant queries.

IV. Keep Good Hygiene and Health Habits
1. Frequently open the windows of your house for better ventilation.
2. Do not share towels with your family members. Keep your home and tableware clean. Sun-cure your clothes and quilts often.
3. Do not spit. Wrap your oral and nasal secretion with tissue and throw it in a covered dustbin.
4. Balance your nutrition and exercise moderately.
5. Do not touch, buy or eat wild animals (gamey). Try to avoid visiting markets that sell live animals.
6. Prepare thermometer, surgical or N95 masks, domestic disinfectant, and other supplies at home.

Resource Sharing
In order to win this inevitable battle and fully combat the COVID-19 epidemic, international exchanges and cooperation are imperative. The First Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, China, has treated 104 confirmed patients in the past 50 days; medical workers personally wrote the actual treatment experience night and day, and quickly published this "New Crown Pneumonia Prevention Manual", hope Give practical advice and references to healthcare professionals worldwide. This manual compared and analyzed the work experience of other teams in China during the compilation process, and provided a good work reference for important departments such as hospital sense, nursing, and outpatient clinics. It is a comprehensive guide and best practices for the top medical practitioners in China to cope with new coronary pneumonia.

Handbook of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment(Suitable for doctors)
English version:

Chinese version:

This manual focuses on how healthcare organizations can minimize costs while maximizing the management of a new coronavirus outbreak (COVID-19). During the preparation of this manual, the work experience of other domestic teams was compared and analyzed. The writing team will continue to deepen based on the clinical treatment work summary. The main contents of this manual are:

1.Technical strategies focusing on major clinical problems in large-scale emergency situations

2. Critical Care Work Methods

3. Provide the most efficient clinical decision support

4. Provide good work reference for important departments such as hospital sense, nursing, and clinic

"At this moment, sharing resources, experiences, and lessons, regardless of you and me, is our only chance to win."

—Ma Yun, Founder of Ma Yun Charity Foundation

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Thank you. Best regards from Greece
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